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A brand is a name used to identify and distinguish a specific product, service, or business. So we are facing a mayor challenge! We study and process the idea, the fresh concept, all the graphic and chromatic possibilities, the new or classic type, the best illustration, the most impacting shape, all in one. In a glimpse, the brand must make a good impression, get noticed and never be forgotten. This is what makes a brand successful! Here are some brands that we have done in recent times.

Services Provided

Dragon Fruit Ranch

This company is dedicated to the cultivation of Dragon Fruit. Their land is prepared to cultivate throughout the year, where they produce more than 300 tons of fruit per season, which allows them to supply large supermarket chains.

Maui Playa

Logo Design for Maui Playa at Miramar, Argentina.

Molokai Tikibar

Logo Design for Molokai Tiki Bar. Located at Maui Playa Miramar, Argentina.

Wild Ranch Studios

Wild Ranch Studios is a recording and music production studio in Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

1911 Warehouse

This North American company sells accessories and spare parts for weapons through its e-commerce. For this case we proposed to the client a landscape logo, something to take into account for the header of a web page.

Solorider Motorcycle Co.

Unique and custom motorcycles in limited series. Handcrafted parts and finishes.

Concevial Constructora

Engineering and construction company specialized in infrastructure works for the public and private sectors.

VZLA Apparel

Skater-style clothing brand inspired by Venezuelan culture. The company is established in New York City.

Tomahawk Prod.

David Tomas, also known as Tomahawk Prod., is a music producer for Hip-Hop style bands in Barcelona, Spain.

Walking Your Dog

Whether you need to find a dog walker at the last minute, or if you need a dog walking service on an ongoing basis, this app of dog walkers can help you find the right company for your favorite four legged friend.


Techadox is a on-demand labor marketplace platform that matches Technology Service Professionals with businesses that need contigent labor resources while optimizing time and resources.


"The Alliance for Rights of All Minorities (ARAM) is a non-profit organization (501C3 pending) that seeks to promote human rights in Iran. ARAM which conveys 'calm' or 'peaceful' in Persian, advances the notion that a peaceful society is based on a just society. As such, ARAM's mission is to promote equal rights for women, LGBT groups and minorities through public advocacy and awareness strategies that advance human rights and address Iran's discriminatory laws."

Echo Four Green

Company dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of all types of fertilizer machinery, chemical, organic and ecological products related to agriculture and the protection of the environment and ecology.


TRIQUIM is a key business partner to pharma business companies across the globe.
It has dedicated over 35 years to the manufacture and supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for Human and Animal use. Highest quality standards, regulatory robustness, operational excellence and price competitiveness has allowed TRIQUIM to consolidate itself in regulated, emerging and developing markets.

The Gobi

The Gobi serves organic tea and sushi.
For almost 2,000 years The Silk Road connected The East and The West. This led to many cultural exchanges that transformed the world into what we know today. And now, the richness of the Silk Road history and the treasures of the Gobi Desert comes to you. Experience food, drinks and dessert never before introduced in North America.
Every flavour is a journey, and we are your personal oasis.

Smart Shade

Smart Shade “intelligent Solar Protection” is a argentinean company formed by professionals and technicians with long experience in manufacturing, marketing and installation of manual and motorized blinds.

08 Group

Advertainment agency that develops content through various forms of entertainment to promote products or brands in different media (TV, movies, songs, etc.)

El Arbol Contenidos

El Arbol Contenidos is an audiovisual production company formed in 2010 by Martín Seefeld, Pablo Echarri and Ronnie Amendolara. Their first project, "El Elegido", winner of the golden award "Martin Fierro" 2011, was a success in Telefé daily grid.


A.C.U. Signs is a Sign Manufacturing Company in South Florida.

Fogosos Futbol Club

Fogosos Fútbol Club is the eternal rival of Barrio Chino. Some of its members are former professional players.

Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino is the name of this amateur soccer team made up of a select group of friends who share the same passion, values and sense of camaraderie. Some of its members are former professional players.

A client and friend commissioned us to design the logo and shirt of the team.

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