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Other Cases

Coral Campopiano

Coral Campopiano is a singer, songwriter and guitar player born in Argentina with a international projection career.

We were commissioned to design the logo and packaging design of her 8th album called "Feels so Right". We also participate in the artistic concept and art direction for the cover image.

Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino is the name of this amateur soccer team made up of a select group of friends who share the same passion, values and sense of camaraderie. Some of its members are former professional players.

A client and friend commissioned us to design the logo and shirt of the team.

Reduce Fat Fast

Jorge Hané has developed its own line of products for weight loss and body care.

One of them, their known dietary supplement Reduce Fat Fast ®, has been sold for 25 years in 103 countries, helping millions of people around the world achieve their weight and ideal figure.

Jorgehané Laboratories ® has recently launched its new line of cosmetics. We were in charge of the product design and packaging.

Rock Bones

Rock Bones is the musical band created for "Peter Punk", a teenage TV Show broadcast by Disney XD.

We were in charge of the packaging design for their CD called "Paso el Tiempo". We also participate in the artistic concept and the art direction for the entire ad campaign (graphic, digital and public media).

All rights reserved 2013 Walt Disney Records. © Disney.

Boggie El Aceitoso

Is a movie based on a comic strip character created by Roberto Fontanarrosa whereby he is very critical of the ever present mercenary mentality.

Boogie is a cold blooded, ruthless hitman that provides a lethal dose of irony and humor with such extreme violence, that it is impossible not to wonder and laugh at the same time.

We developed the promotional campaign, media and online graphics for Illusion Studios.

Tarallini Snacks

Tarallini created sophisticated homemade snacks based on Calabrian cuisine recipes that impact for its delicate taste and unique combinations.

We developed their branding, packaging design and ad campaign.

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