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A brand is a name used to identify and distinguish a specific product, service, or business. So we are facing a mayor challenge! We study and process the idea, the fresh concept, all the graphic and chromatic possibilities, the new or classic type, the best illustration, the most impacting shape, all in one. In a glimpse, the brand must make a good impression, get noticed and never be forgotten. This is what makes a brand successful! Here are some brands that we have done in recent times.


Marketing management consultants.


Toby and the Dead. Logo released for animated TV Show.


MTV Latin America. Logo released for an event in Argentina.

Web Design Solutions. 

Logo developed for Direct TV for the broadcast of the Soccer World Cup "Germany 2006" 

Import and export company.

Aesthetic and beauty center.

Szabo laboratories. Pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Argentine Meat packing supplier. Producer and exporter of raw and cooked meats.

Provider of computer services, software and hardware sales.

Company dedicated exclusively to export Argentine products to all parts of the World.

Poultry company. Dedicated to egg production.

Multi-sensory events company.

Logo for event set in the era of "Prohibition" for CCU Argentina.
 Compañía Cervecerías Unidas (United Breweries Company), is the second largest beer company in the Argentine market and the absolute leader in the interior provinces.

Is owner and producer of the prestigious brands Schneider, Imperial, Salta, Santa Fe, Palermo, Bieckert and Cordoba. At the same time, produces and markets leading global beers like Budweiser and Heineken and is the exclusive distributor in Argentina of Guinness, the most prestigious Irish stout, and brand Corona, Negra Modelo, Paulaner, Kunstmann, and Birra Moretti.


Advertainment agency that develops content through various forms of entertainment to promote products or brands in different media (TV, movies, songs, etc.)


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